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Hey There! Iā€™mĀ Robia Scott

Iā€™m an ex- professional dancer... Current actress, author, and emotional coach. Welcome to my virtual living room! Stay a while, wonā€™t you?

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Robia Scott


Robia Scott began her career at the age of sixteen as a professional dancer and actress in Hollywood. She skyrocketed to success touring the world as a dancer with Prince and starring in hit television shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Onscreen Robia portrayed the world’s image of ultimate success: confident, thin, and happy. Behind the scenes, she was entrenched in a self-sabotaging cycle of torment and obsession with food, body image, dieting, binging and eating disorders.


What People Are Saying:

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Leslie Page

"Coaching with Robia Scott has been far better than any therapy I have ever had! Her guidance and support has really helped me to focus and take practical action steps toward achieving my goals and dreams. I am finally in the driver's seat of my life."

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Bill Harmon

"Just like an Olympic athlete relies on a coach to achieve peak performance, I have found great value in mentorship with Robia Scott. I am in more peace, and I am continually challenged to step out of the routine and break new ground."

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Marle Workmon

" For most of my life, I was plagued with anxiety, depression, and tormenting thoughts. No matter what I did, I could not get free. Through Robia's teaching and mentorship, I experienced a complete turnaround in my thinking and emotions. I am now a different person and forever changed!"