Take Your Foot Off The Brake

Prophetic Word:  June 11, 2020

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “Take your foot off the brake.”
You know the feeling you have before an accident… when you become tense and gear up for an intense impact?
There is much going on currently that is causing us to tense up in our physical bodies and in our spirits... as if we are preparing for impact. 
The spirit of the Lord is saying, “Take your foot off the brake. I’ve got you.”
It is not time to pull back.
It is time to move forward.
It is time to take action.
It is time to follow through on the things the Spirit of God has been telling you.
It is a time for action.
Not procrastination.
Some of us are holding back because we are not sure what the future holds.
We are not sure where things are going to land in our land.
Even with the mass unemployment. A lot of people have not had the opportunity to work the way they normally do, but I feel the Lord is saying, “Put your hand to the plow. Put your hand to the work that I have called you to do.”
Put your hand to it.
Put your focus on it.
Do not look at worthless things.
There’s a scripture in Psalms.

(Psalm 119:37 - Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.)

Do not put your eyes on worthless things.
Be aware of your eyes on idols right now.
Like on social media.
Take your eyes off worthless things.
And focus now.
Put your hand to the plow.
Take your foot off the brake.
Fear makes us pull back.
But faith allows us push forward.
What the Spirit is saying to me is that you can be still and still moving forward.
Moving forward doesn’t necessarily have to do with what you’re doing.
It has to do with what you’re becoming.
What you’re becoming on the inside.
So, “stir it up,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Move forward. Don’t look and compare yourself with what people in the world are doing. A lot of times they appear to be moving fast and they’re not moving at all,” says the Spirit of the Lord.
A lot of times it looks like they’re moving because they’re doing a lot on the outside but they are actually atrophying internally.
There is an anointing right now to be conformed into the image of God… into the image of who God created you to be.
There is an anointing and a momentum for us to become conformed into the image that God created us to be.
“So, take your foot off the brake,” says the Spirit of the Lord.
“Allow me to work the work in you.”
There is a scroll…. written before the beginning of time…. of who you are and what you are to become, and the Lord is giving us eyes to see.
God, drop the scales from our eyes.
So many are blinded right now.
I thank you Father God that I was blind, but now I see an authentic reflection of who I am, not through the mirror of the world…
Not through the mirror of social media….
Not what others tell me I should be….
Not what the enemy reflects back to me…
But an authentic reflection.
From my blueprint,
The heavenly scroll,
Of who I am.
I ask for discernment,
That I might read the words on my scroll…
That I might see the images of who I am…
And what you have for me.
I take my foot off the brake.
I am not scared to know who I am.
I am not scared to move forward in my calling.
In who I am becoming.

Thank you Lord that this is the best season.
Many are talking about 2020 being a disaster….that 2020 is the worst year.

Things are being shifted and realigned.
It is not the worst season.
All of the words about vision from the beginning of the year…those words were not wrong.
God is giving us vision.
You know what I’m hearing in my spirit?
We are being given “NIGHT VISION.”
Like those spyglasses where you walk into pitch dark but you have the ability to see because of the glasses.
There is a lot of darkness all around us, but those tuned into the Spirit are putting on night glasses, the spy glasses, the covert operation glasses,
so that in the midst of this darkness, where other people are completely blinded….
They are walking around in the dark, knocking into things…
 Not knowing which way to go…
But we are able to see in the darkness…
And discern perfectly.

In the Spirit realm even.
We are able to see the things that others cannot see
And we are able to navigate our path.
This is not the worst year.
Do not have the mindset of, “let’s just get past this year.”
There is something here.
There is something here to this year that not everyone can see yet.
 In time everyone is going to see it.
We are going to start to see in the next few months many prophets begin to unravel and unfold the prophetic meaning of this year.

There is something to having eyes to see in the current darkness of all that is going on in our world.
Our vision, our individual and our corporate vision, is going be clearer than ever
And the vision for our country is about to be more refined than ever
The upcoming election:

Things are about to shake, shake, shake…
Everything that can be shaken, is being shaken,
So that what remains, cannot be shaken.
Things are being shaken and stirred.
And we are about to get more refined and defined, as to where we are going as a nation than ever before…And it is going to culminate by the end of the year.
By December, we are going to see things in a very different light with our administration.
By December, we are going start to see some interesting clarification of the vision of our country.
I feel like the last four years were a warm up.
The last four years were a lot of “draining the swamp” and things being stirred up, revealed and exposed…
And now we are about ready to start running our race…gaining momentum individually and corporately.
Watch and see…these next 2 to 3 years are going be some of the best in our country and some of the best in our individual lives, I believe by the Spirit of the Lord.
“2021, 2022, 2023…1, 2, 3,” says the Lord

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
2021, 2022, 2023 – You’ll begin to see.
And we are going start to see it in December.
Remember…remember this word.
As we start to see things take shape and form in December.
About those “mission impossible goggles.”
Guess what?
Mission impossible is looking more like “mission possible.”
It really is.
This is not going be a “mission impossible,” and then it is over.
Just like the movie, there was a part 2 and a part 3 to Mission Impossible.

 And the Lord says that this movie is not over.

 “There is going be a part 2 and a part 3 – Oh, you’ll see” – says the Spirit of the Lord
Like Tom Cruise, we are going to cruise through this.
We are going be cruising as we take our foot off the brake… individually, corporately, and as a country.
Our world is about to take its foot off the brake.
It looked as if we were preparing for a big accident,  but oh no – our foot is about to come off the brake, and we are about to cruise into 2021, 2022, and 2023...Oh you will see, says the Spirit of the Lord.


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