Get Ready to EMERGE!

Prophetic Word ~ June 16, 2020

During prayer I saw the image of an egg beginning to CRACK…

Like a little bird at the onset of breakthrough… cracking through the shell.

The Spirit of the Lord said:

While others in the world are CRACKING UP…

(The definition of “cracking up” in this case: Being under such emotional strain that one becomes mentally ill.)

Those of us in the Spirit are about to CRACK OUT…

…Crack out of the shell of confinement, the shell of lies, and the shell of limitations.

I heard the word EMERGE.

The definition of emerge: To rise from an obscure or inferior position or condition.

Some of you feel obscure…that you have been hidden and held back...

Many that have been held back are now coming to the forefront.

I continue to hear the phrase: CHANGING OF THE GUARDS.

Changing of the guards is a situation where someone in a position of authority is replaced by someone new.

The Lord has...

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